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Going, Going, Gone: Impacts of Loss of Rural Land on Water, Wildlife and Agriculture - Join the Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust, the Texas Agricultural Land Trust and the Victoria County Bar Association in Victoria, Texas for an event on how the loss of open space impacts our local quality of life and some strategies for how to effectively address it. Hear from landowners that have protected their properties through a variety of different strategies and programs. Find out more...

Basin Flow DataBasin Flow Data Now Available – Using data from the USGS, you can now monitor the streamflow at a number of USGS gauges throughout the Guadalupe River Basin. Find out more...

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Conserving a Texas Treasure

The mission of the Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust is to preserve the unique natural heritage of the Guadalupe watershed for future generations, by protecting open landscapes, working farms and ranches, and wildlife habitat through conservation easements, education, and outreach that connects people to the water and the land.

Amazingly, in Texas where land is so plentiful, we are losing this open land more rapidly than any other state.

The Guadalupe River is one of the most biologically diverse rivers in the United States, stretching from the springs and canyons of the Texas Hill Country to the marine environment of the Gulf Coast wetlands and San Antonio Bay.

What is the Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust?

The Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit land trust organization that was developed to conserve land in the Guadalupe River Watershed for its natural, recreational, scenic, historic and productive value. It was founded in 2001 by the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, a conservation and reclamation district created in 1933 by the Texas Legislature. The Upper Guadalupe River Authority (UGRA) has also partnered with the Trust. The voluntary board of directors consists of citizens who share a love of the Guadalupe River - one of the most pristine rivers in Texas.

Why was the Trust Founded?

Texas A&M and American Farmland Trust collected data from the 1997 to 2007 census that shows Texas is home to over 142 million acres of private farms, ranches and forestlands. The state of Texas thus leads the nation in land area devoted to privately-owned working lands. These lands account for 84% of the state’s entire land area and provide substantial economic, environmental, and recreational resources to the benefit of the state’s entire population.

According to accumulated from data the County Appraisal Districts, over 2.1 million acres of farms, ranches and forestlands were converted to other uses over the period from 1997 to 2007. Over 40% of this land conversion was related to growth and development associated with population expansion in the state's 25 highest growth counties. During this period, 861,765 acres were lost from the agricultural land base in these counties. As a function of population increase, roughly 149 acres of agricultural lands were consumed per 1,000 new residents. For more information go to Texas Land Trends.

What is a Land Trust?

A land trust is a local, regional or national nonprofit organization that protects land for its natural, recreational, scenic, historic or productive value. Land trusts have varying conservation objectives; some work in specific geographic areas or concentrate on protecting different natural or cultural features. Land trusts that accept conservation easements are responsible for monitoring that property and ensuring that the terms of the easement are followed. The land trust is responsible for stewardship of the conservation easement for as long as the easement exists.

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